Pipe Designed For Fittings - ASTM D-2239 (SIDR)

This specification covers polyethylene pipe made in standard thermoplastic pipe inside dimension ratios and pressure rated for water at 73.4°F. Pipe manufactured under this specification is based on a controlled inside diameter. For a given nominal size, the inside diameter will be constant regardless of the pressure rating. The lower the SIDR number, the thicker the wall and the higher the pressure rating.

Pipe manufactured to this specification is described using a prefix-diameter ratio. The prefix for ASTM D-2239 is SIDR.

Regardless of the pressure rating and wall thickness, the inside diameter of our inside controlled pipe is the same for a nominal size. NuMex manufactures pipe to this specification in SIDR-15 (125 psi), SIDR-11.5 (160 psi), SIDR-9 (200 psi) and, SIDR-7 (250 psi)